Best hand held blender for my kitchen

Sometimes thing in your kitchen brake or refuse to work. Same happened to my blender, which I use a lot. I’m not the type of person who likes to spend a lot of money on fancy appliances which have a million of features which nobody uses. So I’ve ended up searching for a best hand held blender of a reasonable amount of money.

Why immersion blender?

What do i use immersion blender for? Blender is ideal for making soups, sauces, purees, smoothies. They are easy to use and make some work faster, they are light and easy to clean. Easy cleaning – is really a good feature…

I’ve made a choice

It is so frustrating to find The One. I’ve read many reviews on dozens of different models and made a choice.

I’ve chose KOIOS oxasmart HB-2033B3. It was in an acceptable price range and reviews were quite positive (if you skip 1 and 5 star reviews as those usually do not help much). It doesn’t only look good, but also came with nice accessories:

  • 500ml food chopper
  • 600ml mixing beaker
  • Whisk attachment
KOIOS oxasmart
KOIOS oxasmart HB-2033B3

It has 12 variable speeds and a lot of power. Enough of power to crush ice! Considering motor power it is working quietly. Mixing baker is BPA free and is safe to use. All parts except the motor can be used in a dishwasher and that makes it even easier to clean.


I use it for 4-5 times a week for about a month and I like it. It still does all the work it was produced for. Keeping in mind its price KOIOS oxasmart HB-2033B3 for me was a wise choice. As with all other equipment it is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions in order not to damage it or hurt yourself. 

It is for sure not the best hand held blender on the market, but the price, accessories it comes with, power and of course the way it does its job – it is best for me.