Monte Cristo Sandwich

6 sl White bread (thin slices
– with crusts removed)
4 tb Mayonnaise
4 sl Cooked turkey breast (thin)
2 sl American Cheese (thin)
4 sl Baked Ham (thin)
3 Eggs
2 tb Milk
2 tb Vegetable Oil
4 tb Sour cream for serving
4 tb Strawberry Jam for serving
|EQUIPMENT: Small, shallow bowl, large skillet or griddle, spatula ham.

1. Place 2 bread slices on work surface and lightly spread each with
mayonnaise. Top each with 2 slices of turkey, trimming overhang if
necssary. Spread 2 more bread slices lightly with mayonnaise on both
sides and place over turkey. Top each with 1 slice of cheese and 2
slices of ham, trimming overhang if necessary. Spread 1 sied of each
of the remaining bread slice with mayonnaise and place, mayonnaise
side down, over ham. PRess lightly on sandwiches to compact and cut
each diagonnaly into 4 triangles.

2. Put eggs and milk in small shallow bowl, mix well. Heat oil in
skillet or on griddle over medium heat until a drop of water sizzles
on contact. Dip each triangle int egg mixture, turning to coat all
Fry, turing to cook all sides evenly, until golden brown (about 10
min.) Lightly coat skillet or griddle with more oil if necessary to
prevent sticking. Remove sandwiches and drain on paper towels.

SERVING– serve hot, accompanied with little indvidual dishes of sour
cream and jam to spread on sandwiches.

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