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AsiaToo recipe

1 1/2 oz Finlandia® cranberry vodka 1 1/2 oz Passoa® liqueur 1 1/2 oz Martini & Rossi® bianco vermouth 3 oz grapefruit juice 1 1/2 oz pineapple juice 1 oz lime juice 1 splash sweet and sour mix 1 dash grenadine syrup A delicious recipe for AsiaToo, with Finlandia® cranberry vodka, Passoa® liqueur, Martini & […]

Blonde's Death

5 cl Rum 10 cl Red wine (sweet) 15 cl Coca-Cola Some Ice cubes Mix in the glass. Serve cool!

Arizona Jim recipe

1 oz Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey 6 oz AriZona® iced tea A delicious recipe for Arizona Jim, with Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey and AriZona® iced tea. Also lists similar drink recipes. Pour Jim Beam whiskey over ice in a collins glass. Fill with Arizona iced tea, and serve.

Black River Boogie

1 oz Peach schnapps 1 oz Raspberry schnapps 2 1/2 oz Sweet and sour 7-Up Combine all ingredients in a glass and mix well

Baywatch recipe

4 cl Smirnoff® vodka 4 cl Galliano® herbal liqueur fill with orange juice cream A delicious recipe for Baywatch, with Smirnoff® vodka, Galliano® herbal liqueur, orange juice and cream. Also lists similar drink recipes. Shake the vodka, the galliano and the juice in a shaker. Then add ice and finally put cream on top. A […]

Black Cherry

3/4 oz Raspberry liqueur (Chambord) 3/4 oz Irish cream (Bailey’s) 3/4 oz Coffee liqueur (Kahlua) 3/4 oz Vodka (Absolut) 3/4 oz Half-and-half 1 splash Coca-Cola Fill highball glass with ice. Add ingredients, shake, and serve. Top with a cherry.

Apple Jim recipe

1 oz Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey 6 oz apple juice A delicious recipe for Apple Jim, with Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey and apple juice. Also lists similar drink recipes. Blend ingredients together in a mixing glass. Serve on the rocks in a cocktail glass.

Bible Belt

2 oz Southern Comfort 1/2 oz Triple sec 2 wedges Lime 2 oz Sour mix Mix all ingredients, and pour over ice. This drink was the staple of the “Church of the Fallen…. Down Drunk” at Osan AB, Korea.

Alize Bleu Bling Martini recipe

2 oz Alize® Bleu liqueur 1 oz super-premium vodka A delicious recipe for Alize Bleu Bling Martini, with Alize® Bleu liqueur and vodka. Also lists similar drink recipes. Shake ingredients together with a few ice cubes and serve straight up with a twist of lemon in a cocktail glass.


2 cl Vodka 2 cl Bailey’s irish cream First you take Vodka but don’t swallow it and then you take Cream in you mouth and mix then in your mouth and swallow.