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Afghanistany Whore

4 oz Rum 1 can Root beer 4 oz Vodka Just pour to taste and enjoy. Invented by a great drunk, James Hong.

Yummy Bidnis

1 1/2 oz Vodka 1 oz Passion fruit juice Top with Cranberry juice Ice Combine ingredients in highball glass and stir

Mean Green Love Making Machine

1 cup Orange juice 1 oz Vodka (Skyy) 1 oz Midori melon liqueur 1 oz Blue Curacao Put ingredients in shaker, shake, pour over ice.

Rum Martini

2 1/2 oz Light rum 1 1/2 tsp Dry Vermouth 1 twist of Lemon peel In a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes, combine the rum and vermouth. Stir well. Strain into a cocktial glass. Garnish with the lemon twist or an olive.


2 cl Passoa 1 cl Gin 1 cl Coconut liqueur 12 cl Pineapple juice Shake all ingredients with 4 ice cubes. And enjoy that drink.


1 3/4 oz Orange vodka (Stoli) 1 3/4 oz Cointreau Chill martini glass. Mix equal parts stoli and Cointreau. Chill and strain. Garnish with orange slice.

Slow Comfortable Screw on a Dogbox

1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort 1 1/2 oz Jack Daniels 1 1/2 oz Sloe gin 1 splash Grenadine Fill with Orange juice Ice Mix all ingredients in mason jar, add ice and enjoy. From the Backwoods of Florida.

Jamaican Ass-Kicker

2 oz 151 proof rum (Bacardi) 6 oz chilled Jolt Cola Pour in the rum. Top with cola. High-octane variant on Rum and Coke. “Discovered” around 1985 in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Can be served over ice, but after one or two, this matters less….


2/3 Tequila 1/3 Kahlua In a low glass put Tequila first, than Kahlua. Flame the coktail. Two people have to drink in the same glass with two plastic straws. The goal is to drink before the plastic straws melt.

Scotch Cobbler

2 oz Scotch 4 dashes Brandy 4 dashes Curacao 1 slice Orange 1 Mint sprig Pour scotch, brandy, and curacao over ice in an old-fashioned glass. Add the orange slice, top with the mint sprig, and serve.