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CV Special recipe

2 oz port 1 oz sambuca 1 bottle WKD® Original Vodka Blue A delicious recipe for CV Special, with port, sambuca and WKD® Original Vodka Blue. Also lists similar drink recipes. Pour the port into a pint glass half-filled with ice cubes. Add the sambuca, followed by the WKD, and serve.

78 Camaro

3/4 oz Yukon Jack 3/4 oz Rum (Captian Morgan’s) 3/4 oz Apricot brandy 1 oz Pineapple juice Top with Champagne Crushed Ice Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add liquor and pineapple juice. Shake and serve in glass. Top with champagne.

5th Element

3 oz Pineapple juice 3 oz Sprite 1 oz Bacardi 151 proof rum 1 oz Southern Comfort 1 oz Everclear Chill mug, add ice, pour Sprite and juice into mug. Then add rum and Southern Comfort. Finally add the 5th element: Everclear!

57 T-Bird with Hawaiian License Plates

1 oz Vodka 1 oz Amaretto 1 oz Grand Marnier Fill with Pineapple juice Combine all ingredients in cocktail mixer, shake well, pour over ice.

3rd Wheel

2 parts Alize 1 part Grand Marnier Chill with ice and pour in glass

Canadian Skittle recipe

3 oz Phillips® Butter Ripple Schnapps 3 oz 7-Up® soda A delicious recipe for Canadian Skittle, with Phillips® Butter Ripple Schnapps and 7-Up® soda. Also lists similar drink recipes. Pour over a couple of ice cubes in a highball glass, and serve.

3rd Street Promanade

1 1/2 oz Vanilla vodka (Stoli) 1/3 oz Gin 1/3 oz Triple sec 1/3 oz Tequila 1/2 oz Cinnamon schnapps (Goldschlager) 6 oz pulp-free Orange juice In a blender, put in ice, orange juice, vodka, cinnamon schnapps, gin, tequila, and triple sec. Blend well, pour in a tall chilled glass. Sip through a straw. This […]

Black Napkin recipe

1 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur 1 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum 1 splash grenadine syrup top with Royal Crown® cola A delicious recipe for Black Napkin, with Southern Comfort® peach liqueur, Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum, grenadine syrup and Royal Crown® cola. Also lists similar drink recipes. Pour the Southern Comfort peach liqueur […]

The Bartman recipe

1 1/2 shots rum 12 oz Mountain Dew® citrus soda 1 – 2 shots Maui® Blue Hawaiian schnapps A delicious recipe for The Bartman, with rum, Mountain Dew® citrus soda and Maui® Blue Hawaiian schnapps. Also lists similar drink recipes. Add rum and Mountain Dew to glass. Then add enough Maui to make the drink […]

MargaFeni recipe

1 oz Kazkar Feni® cashew apple liqueur 1 oz Sauza® tequila 1/2 oz triple sec 1/2 oz simple syrup 1 squeeze lime juice A delicious recipe for MargaFeni, with Kazkar Feni® cashew apple liqueur, Sauza® tequila, triple sec, simple syrup and lime juice. Also lists similar drink recipes. Combine all ingredients together in a cocktail […]