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Brown Pelican

5 oz Apple cider 2 1/2 oz Ginger beer Ice Combine in a mixing glass, stir gently and pour over ice cubes in a highball glass

Bloody Shame

3 oz V8 juice 2-3 drops Tabasco sauce 1 pinch Salt 1 pinch Black pepper 1 stick Celery Pour V8 into glass, add Tabasco and stir with celery stalk. Sprinkle on salt and pepper. Enjoy.

Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie

Juice of 1/2 Cantaloupe 1 Banana Juice cantaloupe, pour juice into blender, add banana, and liquify.


4 cl Orange juice 3 cl Grapefruit juice 1 cl Apple juice 1 Maraschino cherry Stir. Grnish with maraschino cherry.

Dutch Treat

2 cups Milk 2 tblsp carob or Cocoa powder 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract 2 tblsp Honey 1/2 tsp Cinnamon Place all ingredients in the blender jar – cover and whiz on medium speed until well blended. Pour in one tall, 2 medium or 3 small glasses and drink up.


1/3 part Pear soft drink 1/3 part Fanta 1/3 part Orange juice 1 slice Cucumber First pour in the pear soda. Then take the Fanta and the juice. Please use a cognac bowl when mixing and drinking the drink. Then attach the cucumber slice to the rim, as you would do with a lemon slice. […]

Refreshing Apple Lemonade

*2 cups basic syrup 4 cups apple juice 1 cup fresh lemon juice 4 cups water Combine all ingredients and serve over ice or serve hot with a cinnamon stick for stirring. *Basic Syrup 4 cups water 4 cups sugar Combine sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil 10 minutes.

Peach Melba

8 Oz. Peach Nectar 2 Scoops Ice Cream Vanilla 1/2 Whole Sliced Peach 3 Oz. Raspberries Black Combine ingredients in blender. Blend at low speed. Pour in a highball glass and garnish with raspberries.

Runner's Mark

4 Oz. Vegetable Juice V-8 2 Drops Tabasco Sauce 2 Drops Lemon Juice 1 Dash Worcestershire Sauce Combine ingredients in old-fashioned glass over ice. Stir, garnish with celery or scallion

Rumless Rickey

1 Oz. Lime Juice 1 Dash Grenadine 1 Dash Bitters Top With Club Soda Add juice, grenadine, and bitters to old-fashioned glass with three to four large ice cubes. Stir. Garnish with long twist of lime.