Sour Dough Hot Cakes #2

1/4 package granular dry yeast
1/4 cup luke warm water

| Dissolve yeast in luke warm water. Put dissolved yeast into a bowl and
add enough flour (3/4 to 1 Cup unsifted) to make a running batter.

Place in small crock or in large jar. Do not cover tightly. Just cover
jar with a cloth or place a saucer over the top of the jar.

Put in a warm place to sour.

Each day for 5 days, add 1/2 cup luke warm water and enough flour to keep
the batter at the same consistency. You will then have a sour dough

For really good flavor, dough should be properly soured before using.

Every time you use some of the starter again add water and flour.

If you use only occasionally, you may store it in the refrigerator and
feed it every week with flour and water.

Never put any of the mixed batter into the starter. Keep it perfectly
free from fat, egg or other leavening material.

FOR HOT CAKES: 3 Well beaten eggs 1 Cup milk 2 Cups sour dough mix 1 3/4
Cups sifted flour 1 Tsp. soda 2 Tsp. baking powder 1/4 Cup sugar

Combine all ingredients.

Bake on a greased griddle.

These can be made on an ungreased griddle but in that case 1/4 Cup of
melted fat must be added.

To make thinner cake add more milk.

Bake at 370 degrees.

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